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Leisure Process - A Way You'll Never Be

(1982 feat. Mark King & Phil Gould)


Thunderthumbs & The Toetsenman - Freedom

(1982 Mark King & Mike Lindup)


Rag Ruby Red

Phantoms Of Fame


Pink Rhythm - India

(1985 feat. Mark King on bass)


Midge Ure - If I Was

Features Mark on Bass

Alexei Sayle - Panic

Featuring Mark King On Bass


Aina - Heart First

(1985 single feat. Mark King)


Aina - Target Practice

(1985 - feat. Mark King)


Direct Drive - Anything

(1985 - remixed by Mark King)


Jana Pope - Bohemian

(1986 feat. Mark King)

The Nightcatchers - I Can't Believe

(1985 - Produced By Mark King)


People In Progress - This Is My Song

Features Mark King on Vocals


Ferry Aid - Let It Be

Features Mark on Bass & Vocals


Midge Ure - Answers To Nothing

Features Mark On Bass


A Certain Kind Of Freedom

(1990 - Features Phil Gould and Gary Husband)

Rock Against Repatriation - Sailing

Features Mark on Vocals


Bros - Changing Faces

Featuring Mark on Bass


Bros - Try

Features Mark on Bass


Rick Astley - Free

Features 2 tracks co-written by Mark


The Road To Ballina

Features Mark King

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